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Odds are, you’re searching for some or all of the following:

Earn 2.5+ x’s ROI

Partner with a vendor who understands your world, and is motivated to maximize revenue for your store.

Access To The Highest Quality, Top-Shelf Products

Why wouldn’t you associate your business with top-shelf / premium quality products that generate immediate sales and a loyal customer base?

Guaranteed Supply / Dedicated Backstock

Tired of empty shelves? Any account that has partnered with us for any length of time will tell you that we make them a priority. By forecasting future demand (based on previous sales patterns), we strive to maintain backstock for each account to focus on maximizing our revenue. To many greedy vendors bait and switch the client by overpromising and underdelivering. If our stock falls below the forecasted demand for the next 30 days, we halt bringing on any new business so that we  can honor our word.

Unmatched Personalized Service

We listen to our clients, and then cater to their individual needs.  By offering a tailored solution to maximize revenue within your specific market, we realize that a successful storefront is not a one-size-fits all.  We are old school, and place the highest value on establishing, developing, and nurturing long-term partnerships.

If the qualities above are a reminder of what you’re searching for, contact us now! Complete the short form below to be considered for acceptance into our Wholesale Program and receive updated Wholesale Pricing, as well as rock bottom deals on our current Retail Starter Kits. We are looking forward to a long partnership with you and your company!

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